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Patrick 5 years ago
I want to eat the pussy off a milf now the mature women living next door to me is married I'd eat her pussy all day I know she wants it to what do I say to her to make it happen? ????
mike 10 years ago
i want to be part of this how can i join It..
Patrick 5 years ago
Any older women in Dublin looking for sumthing like this I'm 34 love older women
exman 11 years ago
OMG. there she is Now this IS a story, but the lady is REAL, as she was my grandmother's friend. She always dressed sexy and I never knew she was a porn MILF. I would have loved to fuck her. Once I was at my grandmother's and she kinda hinted around...wish I wasn't so innocent , then I would have known.
Erica L. 11 years ago
Exman, yes, you missed a chance. I noticed your buldge. Tell your Grandmother hello.
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Agrestis 11 years ago
This beautiful lady has a perfect body and not expecting anything but lay their hands on!
John 5 years ago
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Chris Jobin 5 years ago
Ok the wierdest thing just happened. I climaxed and my alarm went off right when it happened. It is a morning trumped the old time military used to use.... From an outside person this would of looked funny to see and have that playing. Kinda blew my orgasim. Oh well time to kick today's ass and keep enjoying life.
Patrick 3 years ago
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Beaver 6 years ago
Yes that is a nice beaver. Do not shave it!