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Hmm 2 years ago
What happened to Veronica? :(
Ramos 2 years ago
PhilS 2 years ago
Drunken buxom ex models brunette Veronica and blonde Britney are at a sex party coming from a hot tub in towels where they vie for giving head and more to a handsome 32 year old. In the house, Veronica starts licking the guys dick when Britney punches Veronica. Thinking the fight is over, Britney turns her back and Veronica drops both girls towels and slaps Britney across the face until she is groggy. Veronica grabs Britney's hair and walks her around on all fours like a dog. 1 of 2
PhilS 2 years ago
Veronica then periodically forces Britney to kiss and lick her feet, ass, and pussy while slapping her face whether or not she is late in complying. After totally humiliating Britney, Veronica pins her arms by face sitting her and demands that Britney slowly kiss and lick Veronica's pussy and ass till she loudly moans and climaxes like a volcano 3 times. Finally dizzy, exhausted Britney is lifted to her feet when Veronica steadied her jaw, winks to the crowd, and knocks her out with an uppercut
Lucas 2 years ago
Nice fuck
Shes a amazing cougar 2 years ago
Shell eat you
Me1 1 year ago
She fucks Soo good
Ben Doverdahl 2 years ago
Love screamers! Let's wake up the neighborhood!!
Boss 1 year ago
She's a crazy bitch...imagine having a that
1 year ago
Love to fuck her hard