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Haha 3 years ago
Notice how all the black guys she ever fucked wore a condom. But everybody else didn’t .
Ken 3 years ago
Mia Khalifa should go back to the porno industry. I did not like her quitting porno. I hope this message will reach her wherever she is
BIGFATCOK 3 years ago
This bitch cant take any dick
Fucker 3 years ago
If i get a chance to fuck her that day is the last day of her
samsuddin ahmed 3 years ago
please number 3 years ago
Mia khalifa nice please give your contact number fuck you
Levin 2 years ago
Fuck u babes
Satya 3 years ago
7 months ago
This bitch is racist all black guys have to wear condoms
Anonymous 2 years ago
Don't know if she can't take any dick at all or if she is really sensitive from her pussy???. But I love her!!!!!