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JUST SAY'N 3 years ago
Her butt was made to be sodimized.
He sounds like a fagot.
Natalie KY 1 year ago
Important PSA for the guys...do NOT go from anal to inserting your cock in our vaginas, you will give us an infection and its terrible. Get a damn clue and realize this!
worst storyteller ever 5 years ago
Best butthole ever, though.
1 year ago
In this video, we bring for your viewing pleasure, a bitch who can't shut the fuck up and the fag she lets fuck her gargantuan ass
Bob 3 years ago
Trim your nail, dummy!
Dicking hard 1 year ago
A loud limp sick fag vs a sexy tight asshole. She should've let a real dude hit dat.
David 6 years ago
Wow good fuck
Losse 1 year ago
Give me One chances
Man 7 years ago
These two are fucking weirdo's
redbull 6 years ago
2nd that. especially the dude's voice.