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christina 13 years ago
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Tracey 13 years ago
This reminds me of this black guy I fucked from an old job I had. We fucked once a black cock!
JessicaR 12 years ago
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fapsalot 11 years ago
I love it how fine Nordic women are demeaned and defiled by black ghetto cock.
jimmy 12 years ago
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Elexxa (Xnxx Pro) 8 years ago
This bitch whines waaaay too much. He didn't even have it in half way. Put a ball gag in her mouth and put it all the way in and give her some real dick.
Sarah 12 years ago
He needs to snake that thing all the way into her ass up to the balls. She can take it, even if it means having rectal surgery afterwards, it's worth it.
Nunya 10 months ago
His shit is so big, she gets ass fucked and he gets a handjob at the same time.
nabil 7 years ago
Princess Asp 8 years ago
It's not that his cock is too big and it's a waste, this bitch just can't take a dick.