Allergy Test

What is Allergy

Allergy is the hypersensitivity to any allergic compound which results in symptoms, which may comprise of food, pollens of trees & shrubs fungi, animal dander, insects dust etc. Which are present in our atmosphere

What symptoms arise of allergic disorder?

There may be frequent symptoms of respiratory distress, shortness of breath, recurrent cough & cold, severe sneezing, watery running nose, urticaria, redness of eyes, gastro-intestinal discomfort etc may arise from allergic disorder.

What are the modalities of diagnosis?

For the diagnosis of allergy now-a days there are two type of testing available

  1. In-Vitro Testing
  2. In-Vivo Testing

The invitro testing is done by serum / blood and the test is done by elise / cila / rast method and none of the allergen are of Indian origin as these testing chemicals / kits have to be imported and in the In-vitro testing modified skin prick is done with lancets and the results are interpreted by the allergy specialist.

How much time is required for the skinprick testing?

It requires about 30 – 40 minutes for a patient to undergo the allergy test by modified prick method where in 144 allergents

What is the drawback of the serum allergy tested?

As discussed earlier that the serum allergy testing is done by C.L.I.A/elisa/rast etc. Methods none of the reagents are of Indian origin and are imported from western countries which are of cold temperament and allergic disorder is a local environmental problem where in local air borne allergens are responsible to the extent of 80% and thus the serum allergy testing as the skin prick testing is only based for allergen extract immunotherapy treatment procedure.

What is Aero Allergens?

Aero allergens are those allergens which enters our body while inhailing air through nostrils during the respiratory procedure, which are present in our atmosphere like pollens, fungi, dust, mites, etc.

What is the treatment procedures?

Generally the clinicians treat their patients with anti-allergics, anti-histamines, broncodialators and of course sometimes with steroids, in this treatments the patient have relief till the medicine works and become symptomatic as soon as the medication is withdrawn but so far allergy is concerned we do allergen immunotherapy with allergen extracts which desensitizes the air be one allergens giving full relief to the patient.

Is the treatment is safe or there are any side effects?

Yes, the treatment is safe and has no side effects, W.H.O also has given Guidelines of safety & efficacy of specific immunotherapy

What is the procedure of administration of immunotherapy vaccines?

We do sub-linguial immunotherapy which is in form of oral drops to be taken under the Tounge, there are no injections.

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