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About Mediland Diagnostic

Mediland team provides a fair number of consultancy to medical professionals as well as people who intend to diversify themselves into medical profession, we provide a good deal of consultancy for setups starting from mini collection centers to large hospitals , where sky is the limit with our state-of-art infrastructure and dedicated professionals of different respective fields like project consultants, software consultants, manufacturers /dealers /sellers of all type of scientific instruments & appliances on a very discounted rates & charges, these consultancy services have been formulated only to provide excellent support & help to our clients/followers /friends & fans, in a move of sharing our experience in a manner that any new comer does not get cheated by any company and also to monitor that a new comer gets all the infrastructure in a good reasonable price Quality & service.

Our Team

Dr. Naren Pandey of Mediland Diagnostic

Dr. Naren Pandey

Dr. Naren Pandey, is the source of inspiration behind the concept of MEDILAND & is Heading the organisation, is a consultant allergy & asthma physician and immunotherapist and a consultant at Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, and additionally done degree in asthma from U.K., and has more than 52 research papers both international & national into his account. He is a member in different forum both nationally and internationally, member of indian academy of allergy, member of world allergy organization, member of European Association of allergy & clinical immunology, International Affiliate Member – American college of allergy asthma and immunology. Managing Editor of Research Collaborator Bose Institute, Skin Doctors Communiqué and associated to many other organizations.

Team Members

Dr.Anjan Das MBBS MD (Path)

Dr. Anjan Das is Consultant Cyto & Histopathologist
Asst. Professor
National Medical College & Hospital (Kolkata)

Dr. T. Dhar MD (Path & BACT) Consultant Pathologist

Dr. T. Dhar is a senior consulting pathologist & microbiologist.

Dr. Nazir Abdul Wasim

Dr. Nazir Abdul Wasim

Dr. Nazir Abdul Wasim

Dr. Nazir Abdul Wasim is a senior pathologist.
Assistant Prof Dept of Pathology
Dr. B. C. Roy PG of Institute of Paecific Sciencers, Kolkata

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